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CBN - Cannabinol Oil

CBN (cannabinol) is another cannabinoid that is used for its possible medicinal qualities and health benefits. Only found within the cannabis plant, CBN is actually found in large quantities in its source when the plant or product is older. CBN supplement is considered to act as a potent antibacterial compound.

CBN has a great potential to work in the body in a number of ways.


Stimulate Your Appetite

Most of the compounds within cannabis have the ability to spark a person’s appetite a bit. Recent studies have determined that consuming CBN will increase the amount of food that is eaten. CBN is a great alternative for those people who avoid taking THC because of its psychoactive effects.

Protect Your Nervous System

CBN can also act as a protecting agent for our nervous system, brain and may reduce symptoms of joint pains.

Help with Sleep Issues

Some people believe that CBN can be used as a natural sedative. In fact, it looks as though CBN is more beneficial for this purpose when it is used in combination with THC. These two compounds working together, along with terpenes, can cause relaxation and sleepiness. A lot of people who take only CBN don’t find that it really affects their ability to stay awake or focus.

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