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The All-New GR8TR V2

Meet our signature GR8TR:

the most versatile grinder on the market. Not only is this iconic smoking accessory engineered to deliver a signature smooth grind, but it’s modular by design. In other words, you can configure and assemble the GR8TR however you want, to Grind and Go.

An update on our classic GR8TR model, the V2 features food-grade anodized aluminum, interchangeable grinder plates, anti-residue and friction rings, and our signature versatile design. What makes the GR8TR so adaptable? In addition to delivering the smoothest ground herb, this iconic Kannastor accessory can be easily broken down into a storage puck for easy traveling. No other grinder on the market has this many versatile configurations.

A Grinder Crafted from Premium Materials

What is our secret to delivering the perfect grind? Not only does the GR8TR come equipped with our micro teeth design and deep-dish chamber, but they’re always made from high-grade aluminum. Each model comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty because they’re built to last. Available in rose gold, matte silver, matte blue, and black and in various sizes.

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