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CBD/CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

Our handcrafted Pre-Rolls are made 100% from select CBD and CBG hemp strain flowers. These pre-rolls have many beneficial values. All of our strains are smooth, balanced, and deeply aromatic, offering a chill time for all who smoke ’em. Our handcrafted hemp pre-rolls are wrapped in unbleached paper because of our commitment to preservation.


We offer two different sizes:

  1 - King-size roll @ 1.25 grams
  3 - Slim-size roll @ .60 grams each 


We use high-quality premier glass tubes specifically designed for pre-roll packaging. The beautiful cork stopper seals in the freshness of your CBD/CBG pre-roll ensure you receive a quality product.

There are no GMO's, additives, preservations, flavoring, coloring, nicotine, or caffeine. We do not use hemp trim or shake in our pre-rolls. 

CBD/CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

PriceFrom $2.62