Mercury Massage Oil w/ Nano Hemp - Deep Tissue Massage Oil

Mercury is a highly concentrated massage oil with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising properties of Thai & Western Herbal Extract made for sports massage, deep tissue massage, and temporary relief of minor aches, and pain associated with back pain, muscle strain, sprain, bruises, and arthritis. Athletes regularly push their bodies to new levels and a regular application with Mercury massage oil can help athletes maintain their bodies when training hard and competing.


Massage therapy can play an important role in an athlete's performance and rehabilitation. Sports trainers and physicians recognize the value of keeping an athlete healthy and performing at a high level. A growing number of athletes are now starting in incorporating hemp-derived CBD into their massages, finding that it can maximize the treatment's rejuvenating benefits.


It contains 70 mg of Nano Technology Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract.

Mercury Massage Oil w/ Nano Hemp - Deep Tissue Massage Oil

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  • For External Use Only.

    Gently rub and massage the area as needed. This oil can be used as a sport-specific or as a sports massage oil for deep tissue massage. Warm gently in hands to use as a therapeutic massage oil and massage the oil throughout the whole body for deep relaxation. As a part of preventive care remedy, apply 2-4 times daily on the affected areas.