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Natural Herbal Seasonal Salve

Powerful ingredients for Quick Recovery...

Topical Analgesics for deep muscle and joint pain relief using traditional and quality products packed with medical and botanical plants. Crafted by hand, Made in the USA.

Unique formulas that offer instant relief to aches, pains, and sprains. Quality healing products that penetrate deep and target inflamed areas with one application. Relaxes and restores your muscles with oils Organic Selected Thai Herbals, and Organic Essential Oils. A small dab goes a long way!

Seasonal Green Herbal SalveModerate Strength - designed for people with chronics muscle pain and inflammation.
Seasonal Orange Herbal Salve - Extra Strength - great for extra deep muscle pain, works best for nerve pain and other neuropathic conditions, diabetic feet pain, water retention and joint pain.

Note: Seasonal Salves do not contain CBD products.

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