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Black Pearl  (CBD)
    Super Herbal Concentrated Healing Salve
                Discover the powers of ancient medical plants us!

If you have been looking for something to help you manage your pain. BLACK PEARL with CBD, MSM and DMSO may be the right answer for you! Our Nano-CBD topical salves contain hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and are infused with our plant-based, herbal formula includes 108 type of ginger roots of zingiberene fised with more than 30 "Selected traditional Thai Herbals fused with American Herbs and Western Essential Oils.

BLACK PEARL is especially designed for people with active lifestyle & athletes. Suitable most for serious pain, bruising and trauma associated with extreme physical strenuous activities, lifestyle, athletic endurance & performance and chronic pains and wound healings. Ideal for rehabilitate post-surgical pain, range of motion improvement, and joint pain.

Crafted by hand, the salve infusion formula for Black Pearl is based on a combination of scientific research and the use of high-quality ingredients. The properties within the formula were chosen for their pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and soothing qualities.

Our strongest topical formulation for relief of muscle, joint, nerve and bone pain.

It's made for skin application have a wide possibility of use:

      * Extreme bruising, trauma and injury to neuromuscular structures
      * Relief muscle and joint pain from strenuous activities of physical and athletic performance
      * Excellent application as sport/muscle recovery
      * Relax & repair muscle after extreme workout/competition
      * Relief the pain syndrome associated with nerve pain
      * Joint pain associated with aging osteoarthritis / rheumatoid pain
      * Joint swelling
      * Rapid healing of sprains, strains, soreness, and muscle pain
         and much more...

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